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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

The primitive beauty and serenity of Vietnamese beaches has always been a major tourist attraction. More than 3400 km of coastal line, with luxurious resorts laying on the white sand. If travellers prefer something primitive, there are small private beaches surrounding small, primitive islands to ensure any preferences of tourists.

1. Sandy Beach – Da Nang

Also known locally as Non Nuoc Beach. Sandy Beach is only about 5 km long, so it is a relatively private and small beach for those who want to experience a secluded vacation. The waves are mellow and calm most of the times, hence it is a good destination for a short, private family vacation. It is located right in the middle of Vietnam, only an hour flying from either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.


2. Ninh Van Bay: 

With grand mountain range, long white sand and emerald blue water glistening under the sun, Ninh Van Bay easily becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Each area is a small, private beach to provide the most exclusive experience for tourists.


3. Starfish Beach – Phu Quoc Island:

Not only famous for its fish sauce, Phu Quoc also famous for its beautiful beaches. Starfish beach is ranked as the best beach in Phu Quoc island. The sand is whiter than anywhere else on the island. The locals offer kayaking and diving for guests who are interested in learning and immersing themselves in nature.


4. Cua Dai Beach – Hoi An:

Hoi An is famous for being an ancient port city located in Quang Nam province. However, not many tourists know, just several km out of the town you can experience one of the best beaches here. There are bike rental services, guests can easily rent a bike and pedal to see the beach, grab a chair and soak up in the warm sunshine.

5733_og_15. Con Dao

One of the few beaches in Vietnam that still able to keep its primitive beauty. The serene beach, the clear water are perfect for deep diving and exploring coral reef around the island.

IMG_2718-copy-blog-1-1024x7686. Hon Tam Beach – Nha Trang 

One of many small islands in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Each small islands is its own secluded resorts full of amenities.

hon-tam-nha-trang.jpg.1758x854_q85_crop7. Hue

More commonly known for its International Balloon Fiesta over the Imprerial Palace, but like Hoi An, not many known that Hue is also a beautiful coast. This is a perfect place to lay back and enjoy sunrise or sunset with a glass of margarita, while feeling the summer breeze grazing against your skin.


8. Long Hai Beach:

Only 2 hours of driving from Ho Chi Minh City, Long Hai is easily a popular destination in the South. Visitors often travel here by bus every weekends, so let’s plan a small getaway now.


9. Nha Trang Beach:

Nha Trang is a perfect destination for tourists who have the tendency to be night owl. Soak up in the morning light, and immerse in the night life activities when the sun set. What could be more perfect?


10. Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne fishing villages is a popular relax spot for both locals and tourists. However, it can get a little too crowded so be sure to avoid this place on Vietnamese National Holiday.