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Binh Ba Island’s Special Food

A small island in Khanh Hoa province, 60 km south from Nha Trang city, Binh Ba still able to attract tourists for its beauties and war remnants. We have conducted a small list of its unique, mouthwatering food for references.

1. Lobsters:

Surrounded by the ocean, so seafood is a highlight here. There goes a saying: “You hadn’t step foot into Binh Ba if you haven’t eaten lobsters.” Best ways to eat lobsters according to the locals is grilling and steaming. The head can be cooked with porridge, sweet and savory. Squids, snails, fishes, etc. are also a must try whenever tourists come see this tiny island.

16906697_294193744329563_5387072123825029120_n2. Sea urchins:

Grilled sea urchins is a specialty of Binh Ba. The locals often put eggs and green onions in together to cook.


3. Seafood pancakes (banh can):

Banh can is a type of pancake made with quail eggs, cooked in small clay pots. They are a popular dish in the southern region of Vietnam. Binh Ba’s locals like to eat their pancakes with seafood stuffing, dipped together with salad into a special sauce with chopped mangoes. The key element to this dish is the dipping sauce, which consists of watered fish sauce, sliced chilies, garlic and seasoning powder. The stuffing varies: anchovies, shrimps, crabs, and squids.


4. Grilled girdle cake:

Another famous street snacks in the middle and southern region of Vietnam. However, they eat it differently from the Southern region. In the South, people eat it with cheese, pork, beef jerky, eggs, and green onions. In Binh Ba, the islanders eat it with sauce mixed with crushed chilies and fermented shrimp paste – a delicacy of the island – poured on top of the cake.

15096246722817_banhtrangnuong5. Fish cakes noodle soup:

Treat yourself to a bowl of fish cakes, served hot with noodle sliced banana flowers and morning glories. Squeezed in a spoonful of lime, mix together with some slices of chilies and you will have a bowl of perfect fish cakes noodle.