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Cirque du Vietnam – My Village

Not to be mistaken with the famed Cirque du Soleil from Canada, My Village is a modern circus performance that concentrates on illustrating the poetic Vietnamese village through art. Take a trip back to the past, where people were still wearing brown ao yem, and using mostly bamboos and wooden furniture. maxresdefault

Bamboo is the main prop for the show. Performers will be standing, stepping, and dancing on bamboo sticks. There are a few strips and tires here and there to add a more nostalgic feeling to the whole show. The artist do everything from juggling, dancing to acrobatic moves. They illustrated the everyday life activities, such as fishing, farming, and building with bamboo sticks. Bamboos had always been an important part of Vietnamese’s daily life, from making furnitures to defending the country – it has always been there, like a silent, loyal friend.

a7763025-7c6a-4f77-45e3-d4a343c22e2a.1200_0Get thoroughly immersed in the beauty of movements with the sounds of music. The show is accompanied by more than 20 traditional, exotic Vietnamese instruments like bamboo flute, dan nhi, etc. The music are played by professional artists and music scholars to ensure the show’s quality will live up to the expectation. Lune Production, the company that was in charge of producing this masterpiece, has several more spectacular shows for audiences to choose. My Village had toured around the world, producing over 300 performances from 2009 – 2012.


The show is being performed year long, on 4 days in 2 different locations. Friday & Saturday will be at Hanoi Vietnam Tuong Theater, and Monday & Tuesday nights at Hanoi Opera House. Contact HA Travel to grab a ticket to see this spectacular performance, enjoy and learn more about the Vietnamese’s culture.