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Cruising into Serenity

Halong Bay is not a distant destination to tourist and travelers alike. UNESCO had recognized Halong Bay as a World Heritage site in 2000. Situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is a breathtaking site unlike anywhere else in the world. There are thousands of islands and islets in Halong Bay, most of them are still uninhabited.


Over the time, Halong Bay has attracted a lot of tourist, hence people who want to escape the rowdy, touristy scene while still enjoying the scenery of the bay had found a new destination: Lan Ha Bay. Still a part of Halong area, however, Lan Ha Bay is much more calming and relaxing. Lan Ha Bay consists of small, isolated fishing villages with secluded mini beaches and around 400 islets. 


Travelers can choose to enjoy the sceneries here by taking a short cruise trip. There are many cruise choices to choose from, but Perla Dawn Sails offer a unique experience. Contrary from the common Western cruise ship designs, Perla Dawn Sails cruise ships are designed in traditional Vietnamese style. Yet, it still manages to have all the modern luxuries of a Western cruise ship. 


Despite being a part of Halong Bay, geographically Lan Ha Bay doesn’t belong to Quang Ninh province. Hence, tourist who wish to have a luxury cruise on Lan Ha Bay can start their trip from Cat Hai port, Hai Phong city. Cruising into the serenity of Lan Ha Bay while enjoying the panoramic, breathtaking view of the bay with a complimentary drink from the cruise.


Halong area is famous for its fresh seafood, so I decided to try all the native seafood dishes. Everything was made from local ingredients, so the food was fresh and delicious. After lunch, I have a small break then went out and explore Bright Cave on a bamboo boat. The cave was a bit chilly, but its beauty was magnificent. d27058ca8754b786dc04f507928daf6b

After exploring the cave, I had sometimes to myself, so I went for a swim. The water was perfect, clear and beautiful with the emerald color glistening under the sun.

Dinner was marvelous. Perla Dawn Sails offered guests to have dinner on floating farm, along with a performance of Vietnamese traditional music. Later that night, I get to do some squid fishing on deck. The guests were equipped with bamboo fishing rods, which are much lighter and easier to yield than metal rods.

On the second day, I went to the spa and enjoyed a session of Tai Chi – an internal Chinese martial art to boost your health. Around 8:00 AM, the guests started kayaking and exploring Tra Bau fishing village. I got to talk to the local fishermen and learned more about their daily lives and activities. They also taught me about different types of local fishes and how to fish like a professional.


We spent approximately 1 hour at the village before returning to the ship and prepare to go back to Hanoi. Before lunch, the chefs offered to demonstrate a cooking session of local dishes. The foods were aromatic and delightful. When lunch ended, the ship started to head back to the port to disembark and return guests to Hanoi.

I chose Perla Dawn Sails, because Halong Bay is notorious for its cruise scam and this company was chosen by HA Travel. The sceneries, the staff, and the services were outstanding. Book a luxurious mini getaway with HA Travel now to ensure your best experience in Vietnam.