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Culinary Delights of Vietnam (12 Days / 11 Nights)

Snaking up from the Gulf of Thailand in the south to the mountainous areas near the Chinese border, Vietnam lends itself well to epics. That’s just as well because this south to north culinary carnival is truly something to get your teeth into.
Culinary-Delights-of-Vietnam2-580x370Over the past couple of decades, Vietnamese cuisine has become a star on the world stage, with gastronomes hailing its use of fresh herbs and delicate, balanced flavours. While that’s all well and good, it somewhat disguises the sheer variety and differences of the country’s regional cuisines. In the south, plentiful herbs and sweet flavours are prevalent while northern cooks lean more towards tangy, salty notes.

The central region, meanwhile, are distinct again and are characterised by an additional kick of spice. This journey encompasses every aspect of the Vietnamese culinary experience with guests sampling star attractions like pho (beef noodle soup) as well as unsung heroes such as mi quang (Danang shrimp and pork soup with turmeric noodles) on their travels.

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