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Dim Sum and Street Art (Half Day)

It is nigh on impossible to dine in moderation in Penang. One of the worlds most renowned culinary destinations, food is the central force that life on the Malaysian island revolves around. Regarded by many and certainly by its own proud inhabitants as the home of the globes best hawker food, the destination offers a rich melange of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences.

Perhaps more than anywhere else in Malaysia, theres a strong Chinese flavour to Penang, especially its charming capital Georgetown. For many Penangites with Chinese origins the only way to start the day is to kick off with a dim sum feast. With plentiful green tea on hand to wash down the delicious morsels, the locals tuck into their dumplings, buns and other tiny treats in a riot of clinking chopsticks and vibrant conversation. On this journey, guests will join in this tasty ritual before checking out another of Georgetowns draws its vivid street murals.

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