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Great things to do in Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is one of the most beautiful attractions in Halong Bay that nature lovers love cherishing all seasons. Being the shining beauty spot in Quang Ninh Province, this island offers  many great things to discover.

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1. Enjoy the interesting transfer route from the Quan Lan Port.

It is wonderful to contemplate the white sand dunes, windy and poetic beaches along the way. Make sure you get the camera ready to shoot the imposing seascape and record the fantastic moments.

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2. Visit Quan Lan Temple – the significant and iconic attraction in the region.

People come to Quan Lan Temple to listen to some pieces of history and show respect to the ancestors. The meaningful temple became the treasure of the island and also the lesson for the later generations to discover.

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3. Playing at the exquisite beaches like Son Hao Beach or Minh Chau Beach

The beaches inspire you to relax well by swimming, having fun with sand-built castles, sunbathing, and eating fresh seafood. You can enjoy the beach from the early morning to the late afternoon that ensures you to have a professional photo album to feel proud of. Just get life anxiety vanished and swept away by the sea waves.

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4. Take a walk to Tan Doai Fish Market which is highly animated and interesting in the early morning.

You should come there while the whole scenarios are still in the mist to gain the true feeling for the fish market on the island, with the freshest fish and most authentic local activities.

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5. Hire a bicycle to explore little corners 

You can expect to pass by the idyllic villages, pure seascape, primitive floral species, and friendly islanders who might say ‘hello’ and smile welcome.

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6. Experience Quan Lan Overnight.

An exciting night with campfire and squid fishing is really promissing and the resort facilities are in the high-quality conditions for your full advantages. Also, if you prefer the homestay, it’s possible to lay the heads at the local houses, have meals with their families to experience the local lifestyle.

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