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International Balloon Fiesta in Hue

2019 will mark the 3rd year Hue becomes the host of International Balloon Fiesta in Vietnam. The event will take place from April 27-29 in the Ham Nghi courtyard of the Imperial City of Hue. It is a part of the 2019 Hue Craft Village Festival, an event to boost tourism in Hue.


There will be 5 teams participating this year, from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. Each team will have the chance to fly 2 balloons up. The first day will strictly be flying balloons, and tourists will have the chance to take photographs of the colorful sky. discover-hue-with-the-hot-air-balloon

At night, people can join a conversations with the pilots to learn more about hot air balloons. Also, they can contemplate the beauty of light up hot air balloons in the night sky.


Not only that, people can also get a chance to ride the balloons, and see Imperial City and Hue from sky view.


There will be a photography contest, and it doesn’t limit to just locals. Anyone can participate and compete for the highest prize. The theme of the contest will be about the daily lives of the locals, about the city, and more with hot air balloons. This would be a good contest for photography lovers all over the world to compete in.