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Sailing 400 Years into the Past of Hoi An

Hoi An Impression Theme Park was built in the shape of a boat with the goal of sailing tourists back to a primitive yet prosperous Hoi An port. In this theme park, local artists have succesfully recreated the life of Hoi An through their large scale outdoor performance.


The total area of the stage is 25.000 m2, featuring Thu Bon river in the back. Through the lights, sounds and dance movements, 500 local actors from all over Vietnam tell the story of how Hoi An port came to be. Divided into 5 acts: reborn, wedding, lights and sea, intergration and ao dai. The 5 acts represent the progress of making Hoi An: how the locals first settle down, building life and then started to intergrating with Western culture through trading.


In order to create and bring this spectacular show to life, Gami Theme Park, the investor of the show had decided to make it as traditional as possible by acquiring knowledges from the Vietnamese scholars. It is to ensure that every minor details will be historically accurate, in hope it will recreate precisely the life in Hoi An 400 years ago.

Ky-Uc-Hoi-An-S1-0021 Though the show only started performing in 2018, it already received tremendous positive reviews from international friends. The show was displayed on the famed Times Square in New York, drawing positive comments from critics on March 14th showing. The show is currently holding 2 Guinness World Records: the biggest outdoor stage and the performance with the most actors (500 actors). Come see this spectacular and breathtaking show to experience Hoi An like never before.

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